FileMaker Go for Mobile Devices

Today FileMaker announced “FileMaker Go” for the iPhone and iPad! This is one of the most exciting recent developments for the FileMaker community.

FileMaker Go is a new application available via Apple’s App Store that lets users work with FileMaker Pro databases directly on the iPhone/iPod Touch ($19.99) or iPad ($39.99). Both applications run on iOS 4. Now development for the iPhone is much more cost effective and your FileMaker solutions to go places they could never go before without a much more significant investment.

FileMaker Go allows you to view, edit, and search records. Access your existing databases with minimal changes through the internet with Wi-Fi or 3G. All changes are instantly updated on the hosted file. You may also copy solutions onto your mobile device for single user solutions via iTunes, e-mail, or the web when you don’t have access to the internet.

If you’re interested in bringing your business information with you on the iPhone or iPad, will be scheduling presentations to show how this new development will work with your current FileMaker solution or our flagship product fmIgnite. Contact us to see this technology in action.

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