The Best Source for Printing

What is the best source for business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, letterhead , greeting cards & envelopes? I get this question frequently.

I use I’ve found they do high quality work, fast, and at a very reasonable price. They regularly run sales. Try the code “POSTCARDSALE” when checking out to see if you might save something off their already low prices.

There are several ways to use them effectively. You can use their built-in designer application to custom design a printed piece. Personally, I design my own postcards, business cards, etc. in Adobe Illustrator. Then I copy and paste the design into their provided Photoshop template and save the final file out as a high quality JPG that I upload into their tool. Works like a charm. They even show you a great preview of exactly what your final piece will look like.

They print everything in full color…both sides if you like. They use high quality card stock and can apply a glossy coating that makes them very durable. (Note that if you have the glossy coating they are nearly impossible to write on…even with a Sharpie permanent marker.) Sometimes I keep the back side of the card non-glossy so that you can jot down a quick note on the card…or in the case of a postcard, you can actually write a message on it to mail.

Check out out the next time you need a printed item.

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