FileMaker Developer Assistant

One of the gems uncovered at the recent FileMaker developer conference is Dracoventions 2EmpowerFM Developer Assistant. John Sindelar mentioned it in his “FileMaker Year in Review” session and since purchasing it, I’ve saved a lot of time and frustration. It assists by making the FileMaker developer environment more friendly and powerful. Specifically, I am able to text search the relationship graph, import field mapping dialogs, and scripts. It’s awesome! If you do any kind of intensive FileMaker development check it out. It’s well worth the money.

One important thing to remember if you ever close the assistant window…Press Command-Option-Shift-X to bring it back.

Matt Petrowsky has provided this video demonstration of this tool.


  1. Hey, Tim, if all you’re doing is searching lists you haven’t taken advantage of Developer Assistant’s BEST feature!

    I use it that little Evaluate button a dozen times a day when I’m working on some of my more complex (okay, “Spaghetti-code.” There, I said it!) solutions as a companion to the debugger to parse out calculation fragments that the debugger/data viewer pair are just not granular enough for.

    FMI should just buy it from Chris and roll it into the debugger.

    I will never develop without out it again.

  2. Jeff Duck says:

    This may be a little off-topic Tim but I wanted to say that Chris’ support at Dracoventions is outstanding.

    I user Developer Assistant for every custom database and also I use his printer plug-in in my shrink wrap software. The shrink wrap software in international and cross platform so dealing with setting printing parameters has been a big challenge. He seems to take great personal pride in his work and he’s been great.

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