Steve Jobs Steps Down as CEO of Apple

Today Steve Jobs announced that he will step down as CEO of Apple and most likely accept a more limited role as chairman of the board.

My entire career has paralleled the innovations that came about with Apple and Steve Jobs. I got one of the first Apple IIs and my first programming job as a teenager (proclaimed by the press as a “whiz kid”) for $4/hour creating educational software. I created character generator software that allowed any Apple II to display lower case letters, fonts, and colors!…truly an innovation for the time.

During college I pursued electrical engineering and computer science where we used Macs in labs as some of the first people to use spreadsheets and automate graphing in our labs. We used the first color Macs to develop incredible computer graphics that previously had only existed on costly image processors.

Today, I’m developing custom iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and Mac (and Windows) business solutions that are totally on the cutting edge of what is possible with the technology that Apple has brought to us.

Thanks Steve for all that you’ve done…your push for excellence, passion for design and usability, and persistence to make your dreams come true in the tech world. I pray that your health improves and that you live a quality life with your priorities in the right place. Apple will continue to thrive but you will be missed as a leader. Oh yeah and “one more thing…” Thanks again. The world is a better place for your influence.


Tim Cimbura – CEO and System Engineer

Tim is an expert in creating custom business solutions that make your business more efficient, productive, and profitable. He specializes in FileMaker application development (certified in versions 8-14) for Mac OS, Windows, iPad/iPhone as well as integration with the web using WordPress, PHP, and AppleScript. He knows Apple technology and Windows systems inside and out.


  1. I had no idea you had been in on the Mac since its early years. No wonder you are so proficient in all that you do. Glad to have the best taking care of my technology. Thanks Tim.

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