Electronics Recycling in Minnesota


We recently became away of a great program through the non-profit called Tech Dump for recycling any consumer electronics in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. They will take TVs, monitors, computers, printers, batteries, audio/video equipment, phones, networking, and nearly all other electronic equipment and recycle it free of charge. Their local Minneapolis/St. Paul drop off location is […]

Getting Rid of an old Original iPad


The iPad 1 is stuck in the past. It only runs iOS 5…and now iOS 7 is available…two full versions later. Most iPad 1s are worth about $75 on the open exchange market as of 11/8/13. But…For the next day, you can get $200 minimum on ANY iPad trade in at Target stores… until Nov […]

Portable Projector and Screen


Anyone looking for a great portable presentation package for use in a small-medium size business meeting or home theater application should consider the following products. (1) Optoma ML500, WXGA, 500 Lumen, Mobile LED Projector I’ve been using this projector for many months with great results. It’s small, lightweight (only 3 pounds), and so easy to carry […]

Electronics to Help You Look Up


“Looking up” is an important way to gain perspective on life…when we see we’re not the biggest thing around but part of a much bigger world. There are a few fun electronics products that help remind me of that. Worth their cost for the fun they add to your day.   Laser Stars Indoor Light […]

Three Cool New Products


With the rise in popularity of the iPhone, broadband, and WiFi in most homes comes many new innovative products. The iPhone provides the controller and the internet and WiFi the connection to the devices in your home. True home automation at a reasonable price is here. Here are three new items worth looking at… Belkin […]

Mac OS Presentation Remotes for PowerPoint and Keynote


Here we discuss three presentation remote options that will assist you in changing slides during your next presentation. Option 1: Keynote Remote on the iPod Touch (Mac Only) Keynote is the presentation software from Apple. It has the great feature of utilizing a iPhone/iPod Touch app called “Keynote Remote” to control the slide presentation wirelessly. […]

Macintosh Video Adapters


Nearly all Macs requires an adapter cable to connect to a monitor or video projector. For presenters using Keynote or PowerPoint it is essential that you be able to connect to any configuration. If you have a standard VGA monitor adapter connector, then it is an analog video signal coming from your Mac (even though […]

Fun Holiday Purchase-The Roku Box

Roku Streaming Box

One of the best technology values I recently purchased was the Roku LT Streaming Player box. If you have a high speed internet connection and a TV, this tiny purple box (about $50 with no hidden fees) connects your TV (via an HDMI cable or the included analog RCA cable) to the internet to get […]

Where’s the best place to sell your used iPhone? – The Results are In

Old iPhone Cash Money

Update 10-5-12 I highly recommend Amazon.com for trading in your old iPhone. They gave me $175 for my iPhone 4…no hassle…I didn’t even include the charger or earphones. Update 8-30-12: Soon the rumored iPhone 5 will be coming out…and now there are new options for selling your used iPhone. Apple will now buy back your […]

The New iPhone 4S


For those of you that travel extensively…and overseas…the new iPhone 4S is definitely worth looking at. It includes CDMA and GSM chips in it so it can talk on nearly any mobile phone tech system…and across Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. In addition, the new Seri intelligent assistant will be great for those of us who […]