Summary of The March 2015 Apple Event and Impact on FileMaker


March 9, 2015 was a pretty incredible announcement day for Apple’s Spring Forward event. Our people at got together for a pizza lunch and watched the technology unfold on the big screen with immediate commentary by our tech team…almost like being there. Seriously, if you saw it you might ask the question “Who says that Apple doesn’t […]

Apple September 9 Announcements and FileMaker


Yesterday, Apple announced several new products including the iPhone 6, Apple Watch, and Apple Pay for mobile payments. The new technologies available will fuel the next few years on innovation as will iOS 8 which will be released soon. In the mobile space these announcements primarily affect FileMaker Go, the FileMaker client that runs directly […] Physician Education Tracking Solution Featured in i.Business Magazine


Our TrackUS unique solution for tracking physician education/medical studies with portable ultrasound machines that we created with FileMaker is featured in an article in the Medical Solutions edition of i.Business magazine issue #22. The article is entitled “Using FileMaker to Assist with Leading Edge Technology Training” and fits well in the i.Business magazine since the solution runs on iPhones. Recently, […]

Great User Interface (UI) Design Example – RSVPs


We recently came across a web application that takes RSVPs to reserve spots at the Easter service for a large church in our area. The application is a great example of clear process and clean spot-on user interface design. The application is fully responsive so that it works just as well on mobile devices. We present […]

Getting Rid of an old Original iPad


The iPad 1 is stuck in the past. It only runs iOS 5…and now iOS 7 is available…two full versions later. Most iPad 1s are worth about $75 on the open exchange market as of 11/8/13. But…For the next day, you can get $200 minimum on ANY iPad trade in at Target stores… until Nov […]

Operating System and Productivity Apps FREE on Mac

all new free apps

Who says you don’t get anything for FREE anymore? That’s not true with Apple and the Macintosh. Apple recently released the latest version of their OS called Mac OS X (ten) Mavericks and it is FREE. It includes a few new FREE applications iBooks and Maps. There are also new versions of Safari, Calendar, and […]

Rick Cornish Sports a Stylish New WordPress Web site


After 23 years of running a leading creative production studio, Rick Cornish found it was time to re-invent, re-brand and re-boot his creative offering. He came to for help with a website and social media strategies… and got much more. In Rick’s words “At the outset, you challenged me with some fundamental questions about my business concept and positioning […]

Funny iPad Video Commercials

The iPad is quite versatile but it’s not appropriate for everything. Watch these two commercials to see why.

iOS 7 is Here


We installed iOS 7 yesterday on all our devices. Everything went smoothly. It is really different and will require some adjustment as a user. Just finding things like the Settings app is a challenge. There are many improvements under the hood that will show their usefulness over time. The age of flat icons and Helvetica […]

Apple’s New Announcements and FileMaker


With all the new hardware and software announced today at Apple’s press event, it’s interesting to note how they affect the FileMaker world. See the announcement live here and the individual videos here iOS 7 FileMaker Go (the iOS client for FileMaker databases) will work on the new operating system. Possibly the FileMaker icon will […]