The Upgrade Cycle – Have a Plan

We recently did a check in with a client that we hadn’t worked with in a while to see if they wanted to do any updates, enhancements, or maintenance. We built a custom FileMaker solution for this commercial printing company to replace their paper job tickets and manual production lists for scheduling. In the past, the Production Manager had to go […]

What Technology Tool do I use When?

There is a world of choices out there in the technology world. Business owners are faced with the big decision of what software applications are best to run their company. There are a lot of factors involved in making this decision. Here we examine some of those factors that will lead you to an informed […]

Sticking with Apple

If anyone is having a bad day, remember that in 1976 Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake in Apple for $800. Now with Apple worth $750 billion his stake would have been about $75 billion. Apple is worth more than a lot of big things…for example: the GNP of Switzerland, Google and Microsoft combined, Four Apollo […]

Get a Powerful iMac computer for only $350 for FREE!

Last month, we wrote about how (assuming you were going to buy a good quality 27″ 5K monitor), you could get an iMac for only $350 more than the Dell monitor alone. Today, that deal is even better! Apple updated their iMac lineup with a new 4K 21.5″ option. But the 27″ 5K iMac that we […]

Windows 10 and FileMaker / WordPress

Windows 10 was released yesterday…and for many people it is a FREE upgrade so the temptation is great to upgrade right away. Take a moment to consider what this might mean for you. Breath deeply, slow down, and read on. Can I use FileMaker with Windows 10? The official supported Microsoft OS versions for FileMaker […]

How to Take a Screenshot

How do I take a picture (screenshot or snapshot) of my computer screen and send it to someone? Perhaps you want to share the way your screen looks with someone who needs your help or you need to include a view of the screen you’re seeing so that it can be enhanced or modified during development of […]

HTML Email Signatures and Free FileMaker Tool to Create Them

Email has proven to be a critical part of running a business. Whether it’s a small shop that monitors a single inbox or a large corporation tasked with maintaining thousands of accounts, everyone uses it. We, along with many other professionals, have been guilty of attaching images as part of our signatures. Here’s what my […]

Operating System and Productivity Apps FREE on Mac

Who says you don’t get anything for FREE anymore? That’s not true with Apple and the Macintosh. Apple recently released the latest version of their OS called Mac OS X (ten) Mavericks and it is FREE. It includes a few new FREE applications iBooks and Maps. There are also new versions of Safari, Calendar, and […]

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at Abbott Northwestern Hospital Uses FileMaker to Assist with Leading Edge Technology Training

Abbott Northwestern Hospital, part of Allina Health in Minneapolis Minnesota, is the largest non-profit hospital in the Twin Cities. US News ranked it in the top 50 hospitals in the United States. The Internal Medicine Residency Program at Abbott Northwestern is on the leading edge of making use of medical technology including new portable ultrasound […]

Easily Launch a Remote FileMaker Database from a Desktop Icon

It’s easy to open a FileMaker database when it’s stored on your local computer…just double-click on it. However, if you have s shared database stored on a remote server, it’s a little more work. You need to open FileMaker, point to the right network path, etc. Some people have created a small starter FileMaker database […]

Apple’s Tremendous Financial Success and the Future of FileMaker Technology

Apple’s fourth quarter of 2011 was amazing (APPL). Here are a few incredible statistics: Apple is now worth more than the GDP of Greece….literally an entire country. Apple’s revenue was $46.3 billion, representing year-over-year growth of 73%. Apple sold 5.2 million Macs, 15.4 million iPods, 37 million iPhones, and 15.4 million iPads. With a market […]

Easily Share Large Files With Dropbox

I have found Dropbox to be one of the most useful tools I depend on each day. I use it to easily backup and share documents with co-workers, clients, and between my iPad/iPhone/Mac. This particular feature is just one more way it proves its value. Sending large attachments via email is a mess. Many times […]

Dark Screens and Keynote Mac OS vs. PowerPoint on Windows

Question: I have been told that when showing pictures of photos on an external video projector, that it is best to use a Windows PC with PowerPoint…that the Mac and Keynote has the pictures showing up as dull or dark. Is this true? Answer: If you are having issues with presentation slides showing up on […]

Reading Mac Hard Drives From Windows

Question: I’m using Windows and I have a hard drive I got from a Mac OS user but I can’t access any of the files? Is there a way I can see this? Answer: The Mac has no problems reading PC/Windows formatted drives…but Windows will not read Mac formatted drives without additional software. The disk […]

Contact Management for Business

Contact management is an essential part of any business and even personal relationships. You need to know who your clients, vendors, and other people are and keep track of your interactions with them in order to develop successful relationships. Software will help you keep your mind open for more creative things and share all that […]

Anti-Virus/Spyware Protection on MacOS and Windows

If you’re running on a Macintosh, you really don’t need anti-virus protection…unless you’re running Windows on your Mac. If you’re using Parallels, VMWare, Bootcamp, etc. you’ll want to install anti-virus/spyware protection on the Windows partition of your Mac. (To protect against other potential internet security threats see this article and use OpenDNS.) It’s a reality […]

Screenshots, Logos, and Portraits Oh My!

fmIgnite includes a field to store a corporate logo for a company and a picture portrait of a person contact. Many times you can populate these fields by dragging an image directly from Facebook or a web site right on top of the field. In other cases, the web site may not allow this and […]

Viewing Windows Videos on the Mac

Once in a while I’ll have Mac users ask why they can’t view a particular video sent to them by a friend. With most videos posted on YouTube or Vimeo today, it’s not a problem that occurs very often but older files may still it require a solution. If you need to play a WMV […]

Macs Run Windows

Since the Macintosh was re-architected to run on Intel processors several years ago it is very practical to run Microsoft Windows and Windows applications on the Macintosh. Although Macs can easily run Windows applications, it doesn’t work the other way. Windows PCs cannot run Macintosh applications. I personally use my Mac to connect to test […]

Peace, Joy, Hope and Brilliant Technology Solutions…

Updated for 2015! We sincerely thank you for your business and and look forward to helping you be more effective, productive, and profitable in the new year. It’s Christmas all year round at with these FREE technology gifts for you: FREE Open DNS – Safe and reliable internet access and filtering FREE FileMaker Pro 30 day Trial […]